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Beautiful pool patios

Accent your home's exterior beauty

With Northeast Contracting, you’ll get the attention to detail and the expertise to bring your concrete construction project to life. From walkways to foundations, our contractors have more than 20 years of experience helping Cumberland area residents improve their homes and businesses.

Concrete construction projects done right

Every step of the way, we’ll take the time to make sure the job is done right, but we always finish on time, and on budget.


• Foundations

• Retaining walls

• Driveways

• Walkways

• Patios and more

We guarantee your satisfaction!

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Concrete Fences

Walkways Patios walls Patios-2 Construction

Concrete Flooring, Fences, Seamless Coating Products

Decorative Concrete Finishes & Concrete Surface Restoration


• Crosswalks

• Courtyards

• Driveways

• Golf Course Paths

• Interior or Exterior

• Patios

• Parking Garages

• Pool Decks

• Porticos

• Professional Sport Arenas

• Sidewalks

Specialty Products and Services


• Asphalt patching, repair mortars and protective surface coatings

• Concrete Fences

• Electrical conductor casting resins

• OEM specialty resin/epoxies for a multitude of applications

• Oil tolerant primers

• Pipe coatings and aggregate binders

• Sewer coatings and linings